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FOI / 3683 / 2017 - Communications

Thank you for your request for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Please find our response to your request below.

Part 1

1. Does your department currently use a private company to undertake any of the following services:

Public Relations - NO

Social Media Communications - NO

External Stakeholder Communications - NO

Internal Stakeholder Communications - NO

Please note we have a contract with Quantum Public Relations who we use to provide press information and strategic support.

2. If yes, can you please confirm:

When the current contract was last let N/A

When the current contract expires N/A

Whether the current contract has options to extend its length N/A

When you expect to retender the contract N/A

3. If no (to question 1 above), are you considering letting such a contract in the future and if so, do you have an approximate timetable for engaging the market? NO

Part 2

4. Have you used a private company to help you with any other marketing or public information campaigns in the past 2 years?

Yes- Heart Fm.

Radio advertising and video campaigns

5. If so, could you please provide a brief overview of what those campaigns were about and approximately how long your contract with the company was for to support the campaign(s)?

We worked with Heart FM to reach our residents via radio advertising and video campaigns. We devised three campaigns for Heart ? each one had a radio advert campaign that ran for two weeks and a video:

- Kitchen Safety Video

- Smoke Detectors Video

- School Visit Video

This was a one off campaign.