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FOI 4615 / August 2023 / Availability of Southend Aerial Ladder Platform

Thank you for your request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

We can confirm that Essex County Fire & Rescue Service does hold the information you have requested.

Questions and final response:

Question 1 – Over the last 12 months, how many times has the Southend located Tall Ladder platform, been unstaffed due to lack of skilled staff available, from Southend’s 3 Fire Station’s Rotas?


Southend ALP Availability
Month % of time Southend ALP unavailable due to staff defciencies
August 2022 0%
September 2022 0%
October 2022 1%
November 2022 0%
December 2022 3%
January 2023 0%
February 2023 0%
March 2023 0%
April 2023 2%
May 2023 11%
June 2023 0%
July 2023 0%

Question 2 - In the last 12 months what was the length of arrival time of fire services from first call to Southend, at incidents requiring tall ladder platform response, including becoming operational, with fully skilled staff?

Average Response Time for AlP to Attend (Southend)
Month Average Reponse Time for First ALP at Incident (hh:mm:ss)
August 2022 00:10:02
September 2022 00:32:01
October 2022 00:18:31
November 2022 No Deployments
December 2022 00:47:23
January 2023 00:02:13
February 2023 00:46:49
March 2023 00:07:58
April 2023 No Deployments
May 2023 00:37:18
June 2023 No Deployments
July 2023 00:38:06

The table above provides the average response times per month for the four Essex County Fire & Rescue Service Aerial Ladder Platform’s (ALP) to attend an incident on the Southend station ground for the past 12 months.

Please note: The response times represent the average time it takes for an ALP to arrive at the scene and are not reflective of the overall ECFRS response rate.

The figures above show the first ALP to arrive at the incident and do not consider the response times of any subsequent ALP’s requested to the incident.

An ALP is not always included on the pre-determined attendance(PDA) at an incident.

The PDA would vary from incident type, type of premise and other factors.

Where an ALP is not part of the initial PDA, the attendance of an ALP and other resources would be considered and actioned, if appropriate, by our response staff and/or other partner agencies.

The majority of incidents that ALPs have attended in the past year, fall under the category of 'Special Service' incidents, where an immediate attendance of an ALP isn't always necessary but requested as a precautionary measure.

As a result, the response times provided above, should not be considered as performance indicators against targets. 


Incident and other data is published on our transparency site. Incident Data ( .

Please note that the response and data released to you as part of this request will be published on our website

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Thank you for your interest in Essex County Fire and Rescue Service, we hope this satisfies your request.

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