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FOI / 3952 / 2019 - Extreme Rescue


Thank you for your request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. I can confirm that Essex County Fire & Rescue Service does hold this information.

Please see below the answer to your request.

Final Response:

The following questions are regarding any and all contracts awarded to Extreme Rescue (and formally BJG Solutions) by Essex County Fire & Rescue Service

1. What qualifications Extreme Rescue (ER) operatives hold in the area of tactical and or technical rescue, how often are these qualifications revalidated and who is the awarding body?

 We have asked the provider to confirm this information as we are aware that these may change from time to time.

Heavy Vehicle Technician (BTEC) College

Heavy Vehicle Apprenticeship

Vehicle Recovery Courses (5 Years) – Accredited by the IVR / Judgepower Training Services Ltd

Health & Safety / Customer Service Skills / Roadside Assessment (VR1,2,3).

Light Vehicle Recovery (VR5&6)

Heavy Recovery (VR13)

Heavy Advanced Winching (VR16)

Lorry Loader Crane (VR17)

Air Cushion Recovery (VR18)

Forensic Vehicle Recovery (VR19)

Recovery Major Incident Manager (VR21)

Heavy Equipment Instructor Certified by NRC (Canada)

Certified as one of only 2 instructors outside of the USA & Canada as an approved instructor for Heavy Recovery and Heavy Lifting Equipment including Rotators. (2 Week Course in Canada at NRC Headquarters). 

ADR: Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road. (Tanker Driver Qualification) To be renewed 2019.

HAZMAT Responder – Certified & Accredited by NIMBUS Fire in conjunction with the NCEC.

Certified in Forensic Collision Investigation and Vehicle Fire Investigation

Attended this joint course over 2 weeks in Ireland with NIMBUS Fire and Sussex Police.

Breathing Apparatus. Certified by NIMBUS Fire in the use of BA, & Gas Tight Suites during HAZ MAT Responder training.

Certified Swift Water Rescue Technician (Tech3) Certified by Rescue 3 Europe.

Certified Commercial (Air) Diver Certified by the HSE.

RYA Power Boat Level 2 Certified by the RYA.

RYA PWC (Personal Water Craft) Certified by the RYA

Heavy Rescue Instructor Certified by the Association of Heavy Rescue (Sweden).

Heavy Rescue & Extrication

Advanced Heavy Lifting Techniques

Chain Cable (Winching) Extrication. 

2. Can you confirm whether the current contract contains a retaining fee of any description and if so to what value?

Yes, the retaining Fee is £50,000 per annum

3. Could you confirm whether ER are paid for each call out / attendance and if yes provide an explanation as to how these are calculated. E.g. hourly rate, turn out fee, equipment charges and the details of any arrangements.

I can confirm that Essex County Fire & Rescue Service does hold this information, however the information is exempt from disclosure to you.

The exemption applicable to the information you have requested is:

Section 43 of the Act - Commercial Interests

This exemption carries a public interest test, and I have set out below the factors I have considered when applying the exemption:


The prejudice to the commercial interests would relate to:

Would otherwise prejudice or be likely to prejudice the commercial interests of any person (S.43(2))  

Factors in favour of disclosure

The efficiency and effectiveness of the Authority

Customer care

Transparency when spending public money

Transparency over decision making

Informing public debate

Bringing to light information affecting public health and safety

In favour of non-disclosure

There is a public interest in ensuring that companies are able to compete fairly, in an open market along with being able to trade competitively.

Any reputational damage that disclosure might cause the public authority or third party.

Companies may be discouraged from participating in the scheme if they felt it could result in the disclosure of information relating to their general business.

Public Interest Balancing Test

Having considered the above factors I believe the public interest is in favour of upholding this exemption.  This is our refusal notice in respect of your request

3.  Can you provide details of how ER are mobilised to attend an incident e.g. are they mobilised by the Service or are they authorised to mobilise themselves?

They are mobilised by the service.

4. Can you provide any details of any due diligence carried out prior to awarding ER a contract including matters such as financial stability and ER trading history?

 The contract was novated across from the previous provider following a change of name. As this was a newly formed company a trading history or finance status was not available.

6. Details of any due diligence carried out prior to awarding BJG Solutions a contract?

The service retention policy period for this information has lapsed and we are unable to provide this information.

7. Can you provide details of any structure or safeguards are in place to ensure Extreme Rescue operatives comply with the Working Time Directive? 

Compliance to the working time directive is the responsibility of the provider not ECFRS.

8. Can you provide a monthly breakdown of the number of times ER mobilised to ECFRS incidents prior to and after ER begun undertaking road clearance from the initial contract awarded to BJG Solutions? 

There have been only two incidents, both during 2019. Prior to this time Extreme Rescue have not attended incidents for the purpose of road clearance.

9. Dates and locations of the occasions ER and BJG solutions provided services other than advice to ECFRS personnel? 

The provider is contracted to provide advice only to ECFRS personnel no other organisations.

10. Can you provide the value or estimated value of the contract?

The total contract expenditure is provided in the answer to question 21.

11. Can you confirm that the calculation of the estimated value of the contract is based on the total amount payable, net of VAT? 

The estimated value of the contract does not include VAT.

12. How many contracts does ECFRS have with ER?

ECFRS has one contract with Extreme Rescue.

13.  Is the total estimated value inclusive of all contracts?

Yes the estimated value is inclusive of all contracts.

14. Can you conform that any relevant equipment provided or used by ER complies with the requirements under the LOLER Rags and that appropriate certification (where relevant) has been provided?

No. All certification is held by the provider.

15. Can you provide details of any measures in place to prevent ER gaining any commercial advantage regarding the recovery of vehicles from the roadway?

The contract does not provide for removal of vehicles from the road therefore no commercial advantage should exist and ECFRS are not aware of any.

16. Under what regulations does ER operate as an emergency vehicle, attending non-emergency incidents such as road clearance, on blue lights?

As a tactical advisor to ECFRS the provider is permitted to attend incidents on blue lights. Initial training and recertification has been provided.

17. Does ECFRS have the ability to reclaim any costs from Essex CC or the highways agency for highways clearance?

ECFRS does not have the ability to reclaim any costs from Essex County Council or the highways agency for highways clearance?

18. Can you provide the details of any legislation which assign the responsibility for road clearance and recovery of vehicles to the Fire Service?

We are the details of any legislation which assign the responsibility for road clearance and recovery of vehicles to ECFRS.

19. Can you provide all information regarding the tendering process following the dissolution of BJG Solutions and the contract awarded to ER including evidence of the contract being publicly announced?

No, the contract was novated across to the new company.

20. Are you able to advise of the EU limits on contracts awarded at which point a tendering exercise must be entered into, and whether this limit has been exceeded by ECFRS / PFCC?

OJEU limits apply from £181,302.00. We do not believe this figure has been exceeded.

21. Can you provide the total payments, by financial year, made to both ER and BJG

Solutions from the initial contract?

Row Labels







-£ 514.63

-£ 5,810.90

-£ 6,310.68

-£ 10,417.08

-£ 26,926.22



Grand Total

-£ 514.63

-£ 5,810.90

-£ 6,310.68

-£ 10,417.08

-£ 26,926.22







-£ 32,271.60

-£ 150,270.00

-£ 53,765.86


-£ 14,999.98

-£ 84,245.88

-£ 57,302.91

-£ 82,109.88

-£ 32,271.60

-£ 150,270.00

-£ 68,765.84

-£ 84,245.88

-£ 57,302.91

-£ 82,109.88

 Thank you for your interest in Essex County Fire & Rescue Service.