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FOI / 4189 / 2020 - Animal Rescue Unit/Unimog U5000

Thank you for your request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. We can confirm that Essex County Fire & Rescue Service does hold the information you have requested.

Please see below the answer to your request.

Questions and final response:

In recent weeks, I have seen that in the Chelmsford area you are currently operating a Unimog U5000. 

1. I have seen it responding to a blue light call, it has been working as a pair; one Appliance/Pump and the Unimog.

The pump merely provides support by transporting additional personnel, as the Unimog only carries two firefighters.

2. Has there been a strategic change/process on how Essex Fire and Rescue attends incidences with the Unimog?


There are no strategic changes on how Essex County Fire & Rescue Service (ECFRS) attends incidents with the Unimog.

2. Is there a qualifying process in which it is determined whether the Unimog will attend incidences?

The Unimog otherwise known as the Animal Rescue Unit (ARU) attends all large animal rescue incidents.

3. By using the Unimog does this allow Essex Fire and Rescue to give a better service to the public?

The Unimog ensures maximum safety for our firefighters by ensuring the best equipment is always available to resolve an incident.

4. Are there any economic benefits by utilising the Unimog compared to a standard pump/appliance?

The Unimog is not a replacement for a standard pump, as it is a specialist Animal Rescue Unit.

 5. Are they anymore benefits or advantages which allows Essex Fire & Rescue to give a bit of service to the local public?

ECFRS can effectively respond to incidents involving large animals which in turn will help to prevent members of the public putting themselves in danger.

 6. As this Unimog is in current service in the Chelmsford area, will this type of assets be expanded in other areas of Essex?

We have no plans to expand to other areas of Essex. If additional ARU's are required we could call upon one from a neighbouring fire service