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FOI / 4219 / 2020 - Arctic Shores

Thank you for your request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. We can confirm that Essex County Fire & Rescue Service does hold the information you have requested.

Please see below the answer to your request.

Questions and final response

Please can I make a request for you to share the Arctic Shores personality traits ECFRS were looking when hiring this season (2020-2021). I understand this may not be possible until after the hiring (or at least the Arctic Shores portion of it) has been finalised.

Please could you list below each trait the score desired on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being strongly for the leftmost option and 10 being strongly for the rightmost. A 5 would therefore be no preference.

If there is any kind of variable range, please state. For example, between 1 and 3 would be (Score: 1-3).

If any particular area is not assessed or required, please state with (Score: N/A)


Less accurate emotional recognition ------------------------- More accurate emotional recognition

(Score: X)


Tends to process smaller amounts of information -------- Tends to process larger amounts of information

(Score: X)
Tends to take more time processing information --------- Tends to process information more quickly

(Score: X)

More variable in the speed information is processed ---- Information processed at a consistent speed

(Score: X)



Tends to bounce back more slowly after set backs ------- Tends to bounce back quicker after set backs

(Score: X)

Focus more influenced by thoughts & feelings ------------ Focus more influenced by values & goals

(Score: X)

Less motivated by reward --------------------------------------- More motivated by reward

(Score: X)

Tends to be more effective at shorter tasks ---------------- Shows initiative in organising and completing

(Score: X)                                                                                             longer projects with a consistent approach



More focused on personal needs ----------------------------- More focused on needs of others

(Score: X)

Tends to prefer own style --------------------------------------- Tends to adjust behaviour to context

(Score: X)

Feels less energised by social situations --------------------- Feels more energised by social situations

(Score: X)

Tends to be more passive & thoughtful --------------------- Tends to be more dominant and assertive

(Score: X)

Willing to create conflict to achieve aims ------------------- Seeks to maintain social harmony
(Score: X)

More comfortable with certainty & predictability -------- More comfortable with uncertainty &
(Score: X)                                                                                             unpredictability

Prefers tried & tested methods for solving problems ---- Prefers new & experimental ways to solve

(Score: X)                                                                                             problems

Tends to think more precisely ---------------------------------- Tends to think outside the box

(Score: X)
Tends to be more realistic --------------------------------------- Tends to be more optimistic

(Score: X)
Prefers familiarity and consistency ---------------------------- Prefers variety & regular change

(Score: X)

Tends to have short term orientation ------------------------ Tends to have long term orientation
(Score: X)
Tends to deliberate carefully on risky decisions ----------- Tends to trust instincts on risky decisions

(Score: X)
Tends to make decisions based on intuition ---------------- Tends to make decisions based on rational thought

(Score: X)                                                                                             process

Tends to be more impulsive ------------------------------------ Tends to be more deliberative
(Score: X)

Could you please also list the other considerations taken by the hiring team at this first stage of the process as Arctic Shores state candidates reports will be “considered along with other information about you before a decision is made”.

The “hiring” period referred to above is not due to conclude until August 2021. At that point, should the use of Arctic Shores be continued for future recruitment activity, knowledge of this information may provide an applicant with an unfair advantage.

Arctic Shores is an organisation that, through the use of the Skyrise City app, seeks to reduce bias from recruitment and selection decisions by utilising a more objective and data-driven approach, combining neuroscience, AI and game technology.

In addition, Arctic Shores are able to evidence improvement in:

• Selection quality: 50% improvement.

• Increased employer brand value: 90% of candidates view employers using our assessments as part of the recruitment process as innovative.

• Diversity: 120% increase in target groups.

• Lower cost to hire: 20% and a reduction in overall recruitment costs.

• Social impact: every applicant receives instant feedback, including career guidance.

There are a series of assessments that the candidate undertakes, usually lasting a total of 30-45 minutes. The assessments measure over 30 personality and cognitive traits, capturing over 5,000+ data points on each candidate, which is then passed through a bespoke algorithm to assess the candidate. Our transparent and predictive algorithm reduces bias and increases diversity and social mobility.

ECFRS worked with Arctic Shores over a period of several months prior to the use of their product in our recruitment campaign to inform their understanding of the personality traits to assist with the building of the profile we would use for this campaign. The process involved ECFRS firefighters undertaking the assessments that applicants would undergo to help create an “as-is” profile. Arctic Shores also held a workshop for Station Managers to receive their input, conducted several interviews with existing firefighters, and undertook desk-based research into the role profile, role map, and the Service values. In addition, they took learning from working with other FRS into consideration.

On completion of the assessment, the candidate receives a report about themselves based on how they responded to the tasks in the assessment. It also generates a management summary report, to aid a line manager with post-assessment discussions with our employee. 

The personality traits that make up the profile feed into general areas to help inform the management summary report, which is then compiled into the table provided below. The assessment measures far more personality traits than is detailed in the management summary, however, those traits are grouped in order to provide the management summary report.