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FOI / 4410 / 2022 / Fires in Open Spaces


Our ref: FOI4410

26th May 2022


Thank you for your request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. We can confirm that Essex County Fire & Rescue Service does hold part of the information you have requested.

Please see below the answer to your request.

Questions and final response:

Question 1 – Would you please tell me how many calls to outdoor fires were attended each year, for the past five years (between 01/04/2017 and 01/04/2022), for all land owned or managed by Natural England in your area. I would be interested in fires of any size, both Primary and Secondary, deliberate and accidental. Please also include false alarms.


Question 2 – May I also ask for the total number of hours spent at fires (incident time) and the total number of hours spent by appliances at fires (appliance time) for each year of the past five years too please?


We have answered both these questions in the following table, which applies to the specific locations mentioned in the request and includes mobilisations later classified as false alarms. There isn’t a distinction between appliance time and incident time in our data because we are showing the duration of the incidents. When considering times for each appliance they overlap and so the same period would be multiple-counted. There will always be an appliance on site until the incident is closed.


Please note that we don’t hold information to identify ALL the Natural England land in Essex. We have used the sites you specified in the question for our reply.


Appliances include all classes of Service vehicles, including cars.


Calendar Year

Time at Incidents

No. of Incidents


16hrs 17mins



7hrs 59mins



3hrs 1min



0hrs 0mins



21hrs 47mins



0hrs 0mins